Half Term Break Time

So we are in the Half Term Break, sadly ending soon, but i make sure my soon will have fun and see his friends as much as we can and maybe watch a movie at the cinema. To be honest i always look forward to those breaks so i can have a break myself 😜

We watched Venom movie, it was good, but not as i expected, i still love the first movie and looking forward to the next one. I dont go to the movies as i used to pre-covid, but lately i try not to miss the movies that i want to watch like James Bond and Dune.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Hello there!

So i was super lucky to have a chance to visit Expo2020 (even for just a short hour), the place was huge and amazing but we did a huge mistake by going in the afternoon, it was super hot, super super hot, we were sweating like pigs and couldnt breath under the masks. We visited two countries only which were Singapore and Netherlands, both were amazing. I am definitely coming back when the weather is cooler.

I bought Expo2020 passport before entering, i think it was 20 AED, my main purpose is to enjoy visiting every country and stamping my passport to keep it as an amazing memory of this conspicuous event.

Singapore reminds me of The Green Planet at Dubai, a must visit and kids will love it
Buying Souvenirs from Netherlands

Weekend Getaway


I was MIA for few days, i wanted to take a break and disconnect from the world, we went to Dubai for the weekend, and stayed at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, this is my favorite hotel for years, and makes it better is the Talise Ottoman Spa.

What i love about the hotel is that i dont need to go outside the hotel, if i am not thinking of shopping of course, but the hotel is big and has everything from clothing store, gift store, beach store, pharmacy and jewelry store. They even have a cinema but of course they show old movies.

Anyways i dont want to go into details about the hotel, you have to visit it yourself to know what i am talking about. I like to keep the good memories to myself.

Can’t Wait for My Fall/Holiday Season Favorite Products


I get super excited when the fall season starts, this is a new thing that started few years ago when i noticed how good the fall products are from store, such as body products and candles, my favorite stores that i look forward for their fall/holiday season is Lush and Bath and Body Works.

Lush have great products but the holiday collection is amazing because they launch some of my favorites and one of them is Snow Fairy shower gel, of course it comes in other products like bath bomb and body conditioner. Rose Jam used to be a holiday product but few years ago it joined the permanent collection.

The bath bombs are amazing, i get overwhelmed with the shapes and scents and i try to buy what i want and not go broke! The Halloween and Christmas collection is already available.

The other store is of course Bath and Body Works, i have to say that i stopped using alot of the body products mainly because i cannot take strong scents anymore, i like the body products to have very faint or no scent at all, so i stick to the candles only, and my favorite is the fall/winter candles, very homey, very cozy and welcoming and always gives me good thought and good memories. So cant wait for the collection the launch.

Back to the VIP Cinema

Good morning!

Oh how i miss going to the movies, i actually went to the cinema few times during covid but not as much as i wanted, i have to miss alot of good movies i wanted to watch. I used to be a huge fan of the Vox Theatre by Rhodes VIP cinema, it was my favorite, i loved the plush leather seats, the pillow and blanket and all the good food. They used to offer a very good Nachos, not the one served at the normal screens.

Anyways, i went back for the Theatre by Rhodes for the first time since Covid-19 hit, and oh i miss this luxurious feeling while watching a movie, sadly due to safety measure they no longer offer pillows and blankets, and they changed some of the food in their menu, the special Nachos is no longer available 🥲

The current Nachos is exactly as the one offered in the regular cinema but with an extra of Guacamole which isnt bad, i liked it alot. And next time i will remember to bring my own shawl to stay cozy during the movie, i like to keep myself warm.

Are you a snacker?

Good evening!

Are you a snacker? i never thought that it is a thing but apparently there are meal eater and there are snackers, snackers basically are people who snack all day not caring about having a proper meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or they could eat those meals but still have alot of snacks during the day. I remember in my teen years and even in my early 20s i dont like snacks, i dont like to eat anything during main meals, i even remember that even if i was starving at 1 am i would never eat anything because the thought of having something to eat is so weird! Yes i did have something to eat during summer breaks with my sister and cousin, those crazy night! I still remember the fun we had.

Anyways, back to the snacks, right now i am big on snacks and i always try to find the best for me (not health wise 😉) well i try to mix both and when i am on a diet i will definitely look for healthier options, i got this Fade Fit snacks recently, i heard alot about them while listening to Virgin Radio in the morning (yes i listen to radio stations during morning drop off), so i found them in talabat mart i think and got those two, they are ok, a bit hard at first but they taste good. The peanut butter is the first one to finish ☺️

Hair Care Routine

Good morning!

I was going to post earlier but i was updating my ipad ios to 15, did you update your iphones yet? I think the update is cool, not major changes, but those minor changes makes a difference, i always look forward to those ios updates.

Speaking of iPhones, the iPhone 13 looks amazing, the only thing that will make me change my iphone to the 13 is the camera features, with the cinematic feature it will take iPhone photography to another level, and the Macro! OMG i am the Queen of macro photography!

Lately i have been thinking on going natural curly hair, i’ve watched alot of videos on how to do it, its not easy and it take alot of products to use but i am not going to do all that, i will just stick to the leave-in condition and gel. that’s all, maybe i need denman brush and a difffuser! Yes can you imagine that i dont have a diffuser! I remember they always come with regular hair dryers but apparently not mine, which is ghd, but i will buy one soon.

Another thing that makes curly hair difficult is that when i tie my hair or go out wearing sheila the whole curly style is ruined, so all this hard work and many products will go to waste. Curly hair to me is very high maintenance but i will try it anyways.

I have searched online for many products and i dont know where to start but luckily i have found one brand that i was searching for online which is Cantu. Some of their products are sold at Pallets in Mussaffah. I bought the gel and the leave-in conditioning cream in argan oil.

My current hair routine is alot to be honest, but i got so used to it that i no longer think about how many steps or products i use. So i think going curly will be the same, it will only take time to get used to it and reach that level that i no longer think of what i am doing.

So basically my haircare routine (i am not going into products details) is shampoo and conditioner (deep conditioning mask every week), then i use scalp treatment for hair fall or growth depending on what problem i have, then serum and heat protection. I do salon treatment too and oiling every week.

If i go curly then i will definitely skip the hair straightening which will make my hair healthier, but i not too keen on putting gel, i dont know, those kind of gels are supposed to be free from harmful ingredients. I will try it and post and update about it.

Shopping Day at Abu Dhabi Mall

Sometimes small stuff makes my day, i didnt think that regular notebooks will bring me joy and good memories. 90210 was my favorite TV show during my childhood, i cant remember exactly my age when i started watching it but it was the best ever, maybe it was the beginning of my love for movies and shows.

So the store, which is Type by the way, had an offer of buying 4 notebooks for (i cant remember exactly) i think 74 Dhs or around it, so i grabbed four, two notebooks for Riverdale, one of course the Beverly Hills 90210 and one with Care Bears.

Jughead was my favorite character in the Riverdale, i didnt watch past season two 😁 i dont remember finishing season two

I noticed something cool at the mall, which is an automatic sanitization for the escalator’s rail, I do sometimes see cleaners wiping the rail with a sanitizers but this one is next level, and it gives a message that it is clean to hold the rail.

Since MAC just launched a new collection i had to pass by the store and check it out, i dont usually do that, i always order online, i rarely check the store to buy anything especially when there is a new limited edition collection. This time i was hesitant to get it or not so i said since i am going to the mall let me check it there. The collection is nice, LOVED the packaging, very fall vibes, the eyeshadow was nice and i loved the lipsticks, but one shade wasnt available (it was available online). I did end up buying less than what i was planning to buy online.

I passed by Nespresso store to buy coffee capsules, i have to admit that i havent bought their capsules for a while now, i depended alot on Starbucks and i had a big stock that took me a year to finish it, now i am back to the store and i forgot most of the coffee flavors so i only bought 4 boxes, each box a different coffee, trying to discover (again) what i like and what i dont, i know that my taste in coffee changed alot this year.

I can’t leave the mall without grabbing something yummy, Yamanote was a great choice, we all love their bakery stuff, it is so yummy. I remember i ordered this VIP tray for Eid, it was amazing. They did mess up with the order time but it arrived eventually after calling them a million times, it was out Eid breakfast after all, it arrived at 11 am! which was supposed to arrive at 9 am as per my request.

I love the Nutella filled Kitty, its one of my favorites
The one with the kiri cheese in the middle is our favorite 😋
This is the Eid VIP tray that we had on the first day of Eid, it was sooo good, it was half savory and half sweet. Everything was delicious 😋

One last picture of something i found at Virgin Store, this is a book called You, i have watched the series on Netflix, season 1 wasnt very good, but season 2 got way better, and now i cannot wait for season 3, the show is sooooo good. And i just noticed the book next to it! I love Mitch Albom books, i cant believe i missed it.

Good Music

Good morning.

Have you heard about the weekend rumours? So what i heard is that Friday is going to be around 4 working hours, from 7:30 am till 11:30 am. Friday prayer will start at 1 pm giving everyone a chance to go home, take shower and get ready for prayer. Then comes the full Saturday, Sunday weekend.

It could be a good idea when you think that you have almost Friday off, we can start an early weekend. My son’s school usually finishes early on Thursdays so Friday is going to be the same i guess. It is a big shift to be honest, especially in our culture, Friday is “our” day off. We start by a good shower, read quran, start the prayer then its mostly family gathering. Friday is always linked to prayers and family. What do you think? Will the new weekend suit you? Again it is all rumours, but no smoke will start without a fire 😉

I was going through my music list in the last couple of days, i rarely delete songs from my list even if i no longer like it, it was interesting to see my “Top 25 Most Played” songs list.

I rarely listen to alot of those songs now but it seems i played them enough times to be considered in my top 25 most played songs, and i only listen to songs while i am driving, it keeps me alert listening to something. And alot of times i listen to Virgin Radio. From this list i love the song (Lie to me) for 5 Seconds of Summer. I love all versions, the original, the one with Julia Michaels and the Acoustic.

Another Croissant Day

Thursday’s morning Croissants


I wasn’t supposed to wake up as early as i did today, but i had a very important email i had to send to school and couldn’t wait more, i had to send it ASAP.

So what can i do to make my morning better? Bake croissants! This is my new obsession to get those frozen croissants and just bake them at home, i am a sucker for croissants, i love everything croissant and my doctor warned me from eating it 😂 So I will try to make them a weekly thing, like on a Friday.

Today! Friday:

Yup Croissants again, i have to promise myself it should be a weekly thing, but my family loves it too.

I am planning on staying home today, do something productive, like cleaning the makeup/dressing room, its alot of work, alot, and its overwhelming. Plus the Apple pre-order is today at 4pm so i will be ready just in case i will buy something. Are you planning on pre-ordering something from the new releases?

I loved the camera features in the new phones, this is the only thing that will make me think of changing my current phone. I love my current phone, it still feels new and very clean, but it is iPhone 11 pro you know, i’m sure 13 is way way better. I havent thought much of the number 13 but apparently alot of people thought that Apple wouldn’t call the new iPhone 13, they might skip to 14. I dont believe that 13 is an unlucky number, it is just a number.

Friday’s croissant platter