Do you have a favorite website that you keep on ordering stuff from every couple of days?! cuz seriously i do..I found the perfect UAE based website that can deliver on the next day to my door and i simply pay cash! simply..and the items are extraordinarily gorgeous..

Sophie’s Closet is a fine costume jewellery store, where you can find everything rare and pretty, as its slogan say “Welcome to Sophie’s Closet, a world you’ll discover all things rare and pretty.”

These are some of my pieces i got from the store..

I got my super gorgeous LeiVanKash rose ring that everyone was admiring.

LeiVanKash Rose Ring
LeiVanKash as seen on Olivia Palermo

Also the Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Honey Hexagon Necklace

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Honey Hexagon Necklace in Gold
Kim wearing her necklace

You can shop from Sophie’s Closet at

2 Comments on My Secret "Closet"

  1. Oh God ! before few days i was saying take all the online shopping website away from me! am becoming addicted to this kind of shopping O,O & now you are showing me a new site! i am taking a look now & it seems great! ahhhh my hubby gonna kill me :p looooolz

  2. pinkom, shopping is an addiction whether online or offline. Enjoy your shopping! but only get what you really want. its so easy to add alot of items in the shopping cart lol.

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