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Do you have a hard time deciding what to get from your clothes, shoes and handbags when you’re traveling? Same thing comes to your skincare and cosmetics..You wish to take your whole closet and what’s on your vanity and shrink it in a your luggage..but we’re not Mary Poppins 🙂
Here are some tips to help you how to decide:
1. Check the climate of your destination before traveling, knowing ahead of the daily weather will save you alot of space in your suitcase. Visit for all cities forecast, or just google the city’s weather.

 2. Get a medium size suitcase, its no secret that we sometimes have to carry our own suitcases in some of the countries because they dont have the service to carry the luggage, it happened to me alot, even if i travel in First and Business class.If you think one suitcase is not enough for your, get a smaller bag that you can carry into the plane, remember, dont place your skincare and cosmetic in it, alot of airlines are banning these products. Place them safely in your cargo luggage.
Dont make it heavy, the maximum weight you can carry is around 10 kg (including the bag’s weight), so make sure you’re able to carry it around.
3. I might not stick to this tip although it will save me alot of space and weight, but i will try my best to do it the next time (will work better to a country you’re very familiar with). You dont have to take your shampoo, shower gel, soap, sponge, ..etc. Once you arrive at your destination go to a drugstore/supermarket and buy what you need. If you are traveling for a period of one or 2 weeks skip your weekly treatment or mask, you dont need to get a big jar with you just for one or two uses. A good conditioner will be enough.
4. Regarding garments, and i wont go into details, if its a new outfit always make a proof before you travel, sometimes you will get shocked on how unmatched or uncomfortable your outfit always have to try it at home. The shirt could be tight, a bit warmer for the weather, or the skirt is too long for flats. You have to make sure of everything. And you dont have to take outfits for every singly day, you can always match several shirts with the same pants/jeans/skirt. You will save alot of space in your suitcase. And its OK to repeat it twice or three times, there is nothing wrong about it. Do a weekly circle of your outfit if you’re staying for too long.

5. Regarding shoes and handbags, always make it comfy and simply. Take one handbag, perferably black or brown to match everything you’re going to wear. Make sure not to fill it with unecessary items so it wont hurt your shoulder after carrying it for hours.
For shoes it will depend on what kind of activities you’ll be doing, i know alot of girls who refuse to wear flats no matter what, even though it will be healthier for the feet (and back) to wear flats or sneakers. Try to avoid open toes shoes, you dont wanna end up with a toe injury or spoil your nails, it will be much safer to wear closed shoes. Guard your feet from the after rain roads and dirt. 
And when it comes to heels avoid the stick/thin heels, they’re not safe for long walk, you will always have to watch in front of you, and walk slowly..! We always hate slow walkers..Choose heels like wedges and espadrilles.
You can also mix a design of sneakers and wedges, I’ve used them alot while traveling, they’re comfy as a regular sneaker.
Check RUCO LINE shoes at  Majestic Palace – Abu Dhabi Mall.

6. Now its time for make up and skincare. Its really important to be ready for the weather, you will be out most of the day, under the sun, rain, cold breeze and whatever. Its necessary to get the right product in advance, dont try anything new when you travel, you will only make things work..make sure the product suits your skin’s condition and it didnt react with your skin. No allergies, breakouts or anything. Now make sure to have all these products if you’re a make up person..
– Sunscreen/sunblock. This is really necessary, even if there is no sun..the sun and light exposure for long hours could harm the will always end up having a weird face tan by the end of your vacation..get the right sunblock you need for your skin..the lighter you are the more protection you need..dont eve skin this part. And make sure you’re not allergic to sunblocks (like me) i always replace sunblock with compact foundation that has at least SPF15.. 
Louis Widmer All Day 20+ UVA+UVB
Shiseido Compact Foundation with SPF 15
– If you have dry skin use a tinted moisturizer to keep the radiance to your skin, if you have an oily/combination skin use a blot powder to take away the oil excess.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
– Use a waterproof mascara. You will have a long day outside, you might sweat, you might need to spray some water over your face to freshen up or you’re beside the pool. You dont wanna end up by the end of the day having a panda eye.

– Dont jam your make up bag with alot of cosmetics, remember you’re traveling and you only need minimum items to bring. For blushers take 2 shades, pink and orange/coral..That’s all you need..Most make up are either shades of pink or shades of orange, so take the basic colors.
Pink Swoon by MAC
Coralista by Benefit Cosmetics

– Same rule applies to the lipsticks, one shade of pink – pinky beige, other shade of orange/coral. Dont go for bold colors except if you know that you will have some fancy night outs and choose one or two colors not more, better to stick to natural sheer lipsticks. 
You can also use a tinted lip balm or a clear moisturizer for the day, its always good to give ourselves some break from the make up. Its a good chance to just be ourselves and enjoy the vacation.

See Sheer by MAC

Tinted Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 by MAC
– This tip will work best of you’re not wearing any make up, or foundation. Spray water all over your face to freshen up, you will feel instantly cool and nourished. I always take my Evian spray bottle with me when i work out, it gives me this boost to work out more. Its like drinking water but from the outside, its makes the skin more alive. 

– Lastly, take an oil blotting sheet if you have alot of oil excess. Blotting your face with compact powder will not always work, and dont ever powder your face when you have alot of oil excess, you can either use a regular napkin to clean and dry your face or use an oil blotting sheet. Then you can re-apply the powder.
Sephora Matte Blotting Papers

And one extra tip from the author, I know that most of the girls always rush to the beauty centers after they come back from the vacation but its also essential to go before traveling. Having your hair/color done, manicure and pedicure, facial, Moroccan bath and waxing before traveling will make you feel fresh and beautiful, plus you wont need to go to a salon abroad (only for emergency cases).

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