Tips on how to get a good night sleep:
– Take a hot shower before bed, and lather in your favorite body cream/lotion, and skin care products. Make sure that you cleaned your skin very well and applied the right skin care products.
– Wear a very comfortable night gown, preferably cotton. Dont wear anything tight.
– Spray on a very light scented perfume.
L’Artisan Perfumeur Drole de Rose

– Drink Camomile tea, it is well known as a sleep aid, it helps the body relax.

– Moisturize your lips and hands. It will work magic during the night and you will wake up having really soft hand and lips.
Helping Hands cream by LUSH

– Read a book, something inspirational and soul calming.

Chicken Soup for the Soul book

– Make sure the room is dimmed and cool, if you are scared to switch off all of the lights have a side lamp and wear a sleep mask.

– Make sure the bedsheets are clean and nicely smelled. You can spray from your light scented perfume on your bed an hour earlier (before taking the shower).
 – Dont leave any electronics switched on, like TV and computer/laptop.
– Put your cellphone on silent, dont let anyone disrupt your sleep. If you worry about having an emergency phone call just put your msgs/ bbm alarm in silent mode.
– Drink plenty of water.
Now i may wish you a good night sleep 🙂

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  1. pinkcom, its becuz you got used to it, you dont have go sleep in a pitch black place, if you sleep without TV and get used to it you will see the difference, your body will be more relaxed the next day.

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