Garnier Skin Renew Eye Roll-On claims to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles in a week. One of the main ingredients (and the secret) of this product is Caffeine, just like it stimulates our body cells and awakens it, it does the same to the eye whether its in cream or gel. 
The caffeine stimulates the skin and tightens the area by reducing the fluid or moisture which causes the bags under the eyes. It also increases the blood flow that helps repairing the skin which reduces the dark circles.

The packaging*
Garnier Eye Roll*
The roller’s shape*
 Now, i’ve used this product for about 10 days, i still cannot see any difference in the dark circles, but it does reduce the puffiness in the morning and this is when i like using it. Plus the cool rolling motion relaxes my eyes and awakens them. 
This pretty much reminds me of a product i used last year by Clinique called all about eyes serum, its an anti-puff eyes massage except that this product didnt reduce any puffiness, i only liked using it because of the cooling sensation, and it really feels good. 
Those eye rollers are not to be used as eye moisturizers, the formula dries out quickly.
Garnier product is sold at main supermarkets.
*Images courtesy of Lipglosseater.

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