Hand Food cream by Soap&Glory is my latest obsession. I am very picky when it comes to hand creams, i hate the greasy feeling on my hand and i also dont like the ones that get quickly absorbed by the skin. I want something in between, something that will smell good and makes my hands super soft without having the greasy feeling after applying it.
This Hand Food by Soap & Glory is the one for me, it smells really good, its contains shea butter which is a must in a hand cream, whenever i read shea butter in any product i say to myself “yes this will definitely be good”, but again shea butter is kind of heavy and greasy but not with this product. Another fun ingredient in this hand cream is marshmallow!! Maybe that’s why they called it Hand Food cuz you feel you wanna eat it! It also has macadamia oil.
I noticed when i first apply the cream it feels greasy on my hands, but after few minutes it gets absorbed but not completely, it leaves a little moisture in the hand. And this is where i like it, i can feel a certain amount of the product but not in a greasy way.
A tip when using any hand cream: this tip is for girls who wear abayas, probably you’ve noticed it too, when you apply a hand cream and you’re wearing your abaya the tips of your nails turn a bit black. So be careful while using any hand cream while going out, you dont wanna look like you have dirty nails.
The best time in applying a good moisturizing hand cream is before bed, its the longer period of time you will keep the product on, so when you wake up you will have a soft hand all day long.
Hand Food by Soap&Glory is available at Boots.

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