I heard so much about this “new” product by Pantene called Clinicare-Hair Time Renewal that i wanted to try it so badly. 
This AWARD WINNING and BEST SELLING product at Japan since three years came recently into the Middle East. This product promises to renew your hair with more luster, softness and moisture. 


Here is a description of the product:
“Pantene Clinicare is an intensive care collection designed to solve your deep rooted hair damage issues.”
Pantene Clinicare collection repairs years of damage in just one month by:
– Repairing signs of deep rooted dryness of hair.
– Repairing the most severe signs of damaged hair even at the tips.
– Protecting against split ends.
– Leaving the hair strong inside out.
The collection consists of:
– Shampoo.
– Conditioner.
– One Wash Treatment (once or twice a week).
– Leave-on Treatment (spray on damp or dry hair).
I’ve tried the collection few times and i can say that it didnt suit my oily-type hair so it made it more oily, but i can tell that it makes my hair super soft and i’m sure it will work perfectly well on dry, damaged hair. 
I’m not sure if this product is sold in Abu Dhabi “yet” since i tried looking at the Co-op, Carrefour and Spinneys, maybe its only sold at some branches, or it could be just a matter of time until it comes to the city.

Update: the product is now sold everywhere, check the Co-op, Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket. 

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  1. hi, thanks for the article,so where do you think it will be available?? did you buy it from Dubai.

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