Lately I became so obsessed in “shattering” my nails with OPI. I’m a person who loves her nails, and i love nail polish since i was a little girl, my nails obsession is so obvious and my friends and family know this very well.
I am not a big fan of nail trends, i like to keep mine simply and classy..but when this “shatter” came, even though it looks helluva messy, i LOVED it..
I still dont understand its technique, and how exactly does it break this way, but its a genius technique. Its becoming a huge trend of the Minx that came out almost 2 years ago, although i’ve only seen it about a year ago or less in the UAE, please correct me if i’m wrong.
The  shatter colors come in turquoise, navy, silver, blue, red, white and black.

How it works?
First apply your desired color, wait until it completely dries out, then apply a thin layer of the shatter nailpolish, make it quick because it dries out quickly. You can watch videos on how to use it on OPI website.

Black shatter over Teenage Dream from Katy Perry Collection. Image courtesy of beatyunmade
Katy Perry Collection
Not only OPI has this “shatter” technique, but also China Glaze called Crackle Glaze and Barry M called Instant Nail Effect .
my advice is that it will work better on short nails.

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