One of the things i look into when i purchase cosmetics is how often i am going to use it, of course i dont necessarily use everything i have often, there are some pieces that will look gorgeous wearing it one time during a wedding party that matches a dress, and it will stay inside the drawers until it rots. But i do like to indulge myself more in the most wearable stuff, and always tend to buy the same shades but in different brand, does this happen to you to?
I bought a glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay in one of shopping sprees lately at Sephora-Dubai Mall, i love glitter liners and i used to get mine from Mekyaji but i dont like this store anymore, and i havent seen any brand with glitter liners or maybe i havent looked properly. The glitter liner is not very thick, the glitters are not consistent in line and this is why i like it. So i tried to create a different look using the glitter liner than my usual look and only use for glitter liners which is lining my under eye only. Which it looks really good above a color kohl. But this time i wanted something new.
What i did is VERY simple, all i did is that i first applied an eyeliner, i used for this look Dark Diversion fluidline from MAC, its a dark burgundy to brown, and i absolutely love, its one of my favorite liners. The i drew a line using the glitter liner above the MAC line. The line is very fine and as i said the glitters arent consistent in line so it will look very subtle, very wearable. Then i applied another line on my lower lid, just below the eyelashes line. 
I also used a product ive been hearing about for a while and thought of trying it, its SMASHBOX Halo Hydrating Perfecting powder, and honsetly i didnt see anything wow about it YET! Sometimes a different base moisturizer or a foundation could make a difference but not so far. It works like any other loose powder, i didnt see anything special in it. 
To compliment my look i curled my lashes, used MAC Wonder Woman Opulash mascara in Bad Bad Black (black), for my cheeks i used CARGO blush in Rome, and for my lips i used Calvin Klein lipliner in toasted pink and YSL Rouge Pur Couture 05.

Tools of the trade
Halo powder by Smashbox
MAC fluidlline in Dark Diversion (limited edition)
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex
CARGO blush in Rome
YSL lipstick

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