This is a new product released by NARS on May 1st, which i absolutely love when i first saw it, it was a gift and i believe it is a great gift and the person who got me this one was really smart. I’m so sad that NARS is no longer available in the UAE but there is a good chance that it will be brought back (God knows when and where) but i just got my hopes high after bringing back Urban Decay.
Anyways, this is a compact pouch that has NARS top bestsellers Orgasm blush (described as peachy pink with golden shimmer), Albatross highlighting blush (described as a universally flattering shade that gives luminous glow) and Laguna bronzing powder (described as diffused brown powder with golden shimmer). I had Orgasm blush before and i cannot express how much i love this blush, it works on every skin tone and it gives such a beautiful and healthy glow on the cheeks. I’ve always wanted to get Albatross and Laguna but never had a chance to go shopping at NARS again until it was gone :tears:
The pouch is a medium size and made of a hard fabric and opened by a zipper, it can be put easily in any purse.  I didnt like the fabric because it catches dirt and powder very easily (shown in the 2nd picture). The colors come in different vertical sizes, i find the blusher a bit hard to pick through a brush and not to touch the next color (Albatross), so the best one i used is either Sigma F05 or MAC 116. The highlighter and the bronzer sizes are reasonably enough for any suitable brushes.
My thoughts on the NARS Blush/Bronzer Trio..hmm..well i compared between the 2 Orgasms and i can tell that there is a difference, i’m not sure if its the first coat that doesnt give the wanted color but it didnt give me the same effect the original one did. So i just assumed that the others (Albatross and Laguna) are not as the exact originals. 
Personally i didnt see anything significant in Albatross and Laguna and i dont understand all the hype about them being bestsellers, again the colors in the pouch might not be as the originals so this could be the reason.
in cover
fabric compact with zipper
with the protection cover
comparison between the original size Orgasm blush and the one in the compact

Sigma Small Contour F05
MAC 116 Blush Brush

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