Lately i have noticed that drugstore brands are getting into another level, more advanced, more creative and definitely more affective.
They started to compete with the expensive lines and i think its really good for the pocket 🙂 I’m tired of spending thousand of dirhams on cosmetics and at the end i don’t get any result, at least a couple of hundreds wont be a waste.
I’ve been waiting for this product to hit our stores in Abu Dhabi, it arrived in Dubai months before and i am still pissed off about how late we always get everything.


The OLAY regenerist eye micro derma-pods are small bags filled with serum and it is attached with a round flat sponge.

“Advanced regeneration cell by cell for renewed, brighter skin around the eye”.
1. gently resurfaces skin appearance, cell by cell.
2. reduces puffiness.
3. fills lines and wrinkles.

outside box
21 applicators in he box
The box has 21 applicators, you just need to use it 3 times a week. Just take one applicator, squeeze it so the serum will fill the sponge, then apply it gently above the eyes and below, then massage around the eyes.
How the bag looks like filled with serum
A clean applicator
Squeeze the bag so the sponge will fill with serum
Product on sponge
My opinion: i absolutely love this product and i actually use it as an eye cream because it doesn’t feel like a serum at all, the serum is perfectly enough for both eyes and it leaves the area very soft and smooth.

I have found it at Carrefour-Marina Mall. If you found it anywhere else please let me know 🙂

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