Classic Care Oil Replacement
I have to say that you will never know the value of the product until you use it correctly, or a way that you will feel comfortable with.

I remember i got the Pantene Oil Replacement a few years ago, when it first came into our market, and if you asked me about it at that time i will tell you that it really sucks and it makes my hair fall like crazy. True it did that to my hair at that time..

A few months ago i saw the same product at my sister’s room and i was feeling crazy at that time and wanted to just put something on my hair other than oil, and i found it on the table, i remember how yucky it was but i just wanted something..

I believe that i forgot how i used it the first time, i don’t even remember right now otherwise i would’ve told you how i used it at first, but i really cant remember..But this time what i did is that i put a small amount of my palm, took a small product on my other hand’s finger and spread it equally on my sculp, then i took another small amount and spread it on my hair and concentrated a little bit on the ends..

I put this product in the evening, my hair absorbed the product until the next day, during this time i felt my hair with extra volume, like i’ve put something inside my hair to make it look bigger, in a good way..
In the early afternoon i took my shower and i can tell you how soft and smooth my hair felt afterwards, and i can still sense some of the volume i heard the day before..

Now i went to buy this product again and they changed the packaging a little bit, maybe they enhanced the formula too, i don’t know. There are 4 kinds (Classic, Smooth & Silky, Anti-Hair Fall, Color Care) They say the Color Care is only available in Saudi Arabia.

Classic Care Oil Replacement:

Helps make your hair soft and smooth .
For hair that shines from root to tip, hair that’s strong against damage, you need the right kind of oil replacement which helps remove buildup while leaving hair with shine. Classic Care Oil Replacement delivers beautifully.

  • Leave hair shiny and healthy-looking.
  • Leave hair manageable and strong against damage.

Smooth & Silky Oil Replacement:

Specially designed to smooth and condition hair.

Replacement bath enriched with a unique Tri Amino + Pro-Vitamin Complex. Its formula gives you Moisturized smooth and shiny Hair.

 Anti-Hair Fall Oil Replacement:

The way to healthier and shiny hair. Root to tip moisture protect weak hair that falls due to breakage. Is specially designed for thin and oily hair.

Color Care Oil Replacement:
Protects the shade of your color-treated hair.

This reparative Pro-Vitamin deep-conditioning treatment penetrates color-damaged strands and helps to renew and restore. Specially designed for hair that’s been color- or chemically-treated, this rich cream works wonders on any hair type that’s thirsty for intense moisturizers.
Helps repair vibrancy and smoothness.

So basically i only use this product in the evening if i know that i will wash my hair in the next morning. And i dont wait for any of its claimed results, i just like the way it makes my hair feels and looks.

This product is also suitable on a beach day, it will tame the hair and protect it.

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