This is a very important topic to talk about and most people dont pay attention to it. I am not very good at it, because i have alot of make up and i dont wanna throw anything especially if its discontinued or limited edition, i’d rather keep it forever (not necessarily using it) than stick to the shelf life. Bad i know!!
Now its important to check the expiry date of each item, and always check the container or the box before opening it. You will usually see a picture of an open container with a number inside it like 12M or 24M. This means that this item is best used within 12 months or 24 months from the date of opening the jar, pay attention, its opening the jar and not buying the product! Most products do tend to stay for a long time in the stores shelves before you buy it, and there is nothing harm about it except of its been there for 10 years!!

Foundation bottle marked 12M
Tinted moisturizer marked with 18M

 My tip is, for example you just bought a foundation in a bottle and just opened it, stick a label on the foundation bottle marking the date of the opening, so you will know after months or lets say a year if you’re still safe to use the foundation or not..

Most probably it will not cause you anything if you used it after the marked date, but dont way exceed the limit date. If you kept on using it for a long time after the marked date it will probably cause your rash or irritation. So better be safe than sorry.
Regarding mascara, this product might be the only cosmetic that doesnt last long, usually its safe life duration is 6 months, so its better to throw it away once you exceed the period. But for me and since i use mascara almost daily i tend to finish it quickly, so i’m pretty sure i’m safe in mascaras.
(I tried so hard taking a clear shot, the mark is so small that my current camera didnt take it clearly but it says 6M).
Mascara with a 6M mark
Now for lipsticks, lipliners and eyekohl and such creamy stuff, they usually last 2-3 years but always use your nose! When you start sensing a weird smell stop using it, it probably started to rot. If you have doubted, just a small doubt, then in most cases you’re probably right.

Lip tint marked 12M
Concealer marked 24M
Cream highlighter marked 24M
Eye pencil marked 12M
Powder stuff could last very long, until now i havent faced a problem with old eyeshadows or blushes, but some of them (probably cheap stuff) tend to change a bit on the surface and feels like rocks are mounting. The color payoff wont be the you would know that its time to throw it away.

Blush marked 18M
At the end, always use your senses, if you doubted a little bit then stop using it. IF you really liked the color and its no longer available in market try to find a dupe before throwing it away, it will make you feel better 🙂
Example Indian Pink by NYX is dupe for MAC Ever Hip (from Give me Liberty of London collection)

MAC Ever Hip
NYX Indian Pink

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  1. This is really a very important points!
    after this post i really need to throw alot of my makeup stuff lol

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