I’m so excited that i will be reviewing the new Sigma palettes Bare, Dare and Flare in my own way. I’ve been anticipating these palettes before they were launched. I even put an alarm on my calendar so i wont forget the launching date, funny thing that my day started before the USA day so i had an early alarm, by the evening i was able to place my order. 
Each palette has its own cover, the palettes are very impressive and the quality is really good. It has a mirror inside and double sided brushes which is why i love the palettes more. I’m very obsessed with make up brushes and they come in the real quality of Sigma brushes not like MAC limited editions which are made with very cheap bristles, never the real deal.
I believe i took enough pictures of the palettes so probably the pictures will speak and explain more and better than i do.
With the covers
Without the cover
The Sigma palettes
Sigma Flare palette is the only palette between all that mixed two different colors, purples and greens. The other two mostly tend to stick to one color shading. I dont see any medium tones colors, all darks or lights and two vibrant main colors (Oversee and Allure) which i think the looks will revolve around. Just mix and match with other colors to have different looks.
Sigma Flare palette
E40 brush: tapered blending brush. This brush is supposed to be an equivalent of MAC #224 which i use for applying eye concealer. But this brush is bigger and more fluffier. I didnt find a proper use for it until now except for blending to soften out the edges of an eyeshadow.
E40 brush
E55 brush: eye shading brush. I talked about this brush before for applying pigments, loose eyeshadows or regular eyeshadow for all over lid. Its really good but its a bit bigger than its almost equivalent MAC #239. The bristles are softer though.
E55 brush
The Flare palette has two outstanding colors, Allure and Oversee. Allure isnt as velvety as Oversee so maybe i like the second one more.

Sigma Dare palette, is one hot palette. I love the colors, the colors are reasonable, nothing too much or too weird but they’re very alive. I can see alot of really nice colors. Maybe this palette is the most wearable between all. The colors are very velvety except for Shout (yellow) which is matte.
Sigma Dare palette
E45 brush: small tapered blending brush. I’m not sure what to say about this brush, i dont like it, i dont even like the MAC’s version (#226 discontinued as i heard), its used to apply and blend color in the crease area which i usualy do with the E25 or MAC 227.
E45 brush
E20 brush: Short shader brush. This is one handy brush, it will save your life applying color on the lashline. I love this brush and i have two of them. I dont think i need more, i use one for light colors and the second for dark colors, in case i’m using both in one look.
E20 brush
Shout is the most obvious outstanding color, i’m so into yellow eyeshadows this season, i love how daring they are and most people get scared or hesitant using one. We shouldn’t always take the color as it is, we can always lighten,darken or blend the color that will eventually be very wearable.
Now this is the Bare palette, honestly i am not very impressed with it, and the colors are very “regular”, i couldnt even find an outstanding color. There isnt any reason in putting 2 black eyeshadows, one is shiny and the other is matte, maybe because i am not very good with black that’s why i didnt appreciate it. The brown colors could be close of being my favorite, Act and Command are really nice, but again nothing outstanding or wowy. I much prefer the Urban Decay Naked palettes and i absolutely went gaga over it, the colors are simply stunning.
Sigma Bare palette
E25 brush: blending brush. This maybe my favorite Sigma brush, i believe i have like 4 or 5 of them. The E45 is very handy and mostly used for blending.
E45 brush
E30 brush: Pencil brush. This is a pencil brush, it looks a bit weird in this palette, i didnt like the cutting of the bristles, its not neat, but it will do the work.
E30 brush

The palettes are bulky
Things i love about the palettes: There is variety in the colors, and i am talking about the Flare and Dare palettes, the colors are pretty wearable, they didnt just add colors randomly, you can use two or three colors in one look and you can just mix and match. The texture is velvety and this is my favorite, the payout is really good but not with all colors. The quality of the palette/box is good, i am impressed, i love the color and design of the palettes.
Things i hate about the palettes: when i opened the palette there were fallouts around the colors (obvious in some pictures), they werent broken or cracked or anything and it does happen in some of the eyeshadow palettes, but i hate when this happen when i first open a new item. I was disappointed in the Bare palette, it is not the most wearable naked/bare palette and i’ve seen way better, the colors are very regular. The palette/box is a bit bulky.

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