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DIORSKIN FOREVER line was recently launched in our stores, as the saleswoman claims was on Sunday 21st, on the same day i went shopping there, which i dont know if she’s telling the truth or not because most of the time i dont believe what those saleswomen say just to make up buy the products.
Anyways i thought why not give it a shot since i am so into liquid foundations recently. I still cannot say if its good or bad, its only been a couple of days since i bought it. I will let you know of my final thoughts after, lets say, a month! 
I got the liquid foundation and the compact powder. There is one thing i dont like about the products and that they’re perfumed. I tend to freak out once i notice an obvious perfumed smell in the cosmetics even if they dont badly affect my skin.
DIORSKIN FOREVER Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup Compact and Foundation
I dont even know why i bought a new foundation, i already have two that i use almost every single day and i absolutely love which are the NARS Sheer Glow and the CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (image courtesy of Cute and Mundane)
CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
I remember i first got the NARS Sheer Matte Foundation, it was supposed to be suitable for oily skin but it made my face look chakly, then i switched to the Sheer Glow and i love it. Its one of my favorite. It really give this inside glow like its coming out of my face and not of wearing a light tone make up. This is wonderful.
The CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua is another story, the first time i used it i said “WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I SPENT MY MONEY ON?!! ” I immediately thought it was a waste of money, but then i knew my mistake, i normally powder my face after wearing a liquid foundation and i’ve powdered my face with CHANEL translucent powder, it didnt give me a nice effect, it made my face look so dull and chalky. Then i used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, then i thought to myself “WOW, this is exactly what i was looking for“. 
The foundation has sheer coverage so if you’re looking for a full coverage this one is not the one, and this is the reason why i love it. I can use this foundation for my everyday make up, its very light, i can barely feel anything on my face and when i powder my face, my skin looks even and very natural. 
Another good foundation that i tried and was amazed of its result is the MakeUp Forever High Definition Foundation. I read alot of good reviews about the whole HD line and i got the liquid foundation, the primer, the blush, the Microfinish Powder and the concealer.
MakeUp Forever HD Foundation
The foundation has a really good coverage, it gives a certain glow (but not like NARS), and the face looks almost perfect after applying it. What i was more amazed of that i bought the HD line in a hurry without testing the colors and the foundation was perfect on my skintone.
After all, the beauty of the liquid foundation comes when you know what you’re looking for and find the perfect one for you, i might talk endlessly about a product and how much i love it and when you try it you’ll think to yourself that you made a mistake by listening to me. I am not wrong of appraising such a product and you’re not wrong for listening to me, you just have to find the right product for you.
Alot of people make this mistake and i call it a (stupid mistake), if, for example, a product is described as “sheer” and someone is all complaining about not having a good coverage! Of course you will not have a full coverage because obviously the product is “sheer”. Some people dont pay attention to what the product is saying, please always read the whole title of the product, try it and test it, get a sample home if you’re not sure on what to spend your money on.
I have probably mentioned this way of wearing a liquid foundation everyday and its very wearable, the skin will look very natural but even toned. Just wear a very small amount of foundation, you will barely feel anything there on your skin, but trust me, once you powder your face (with a good face powder) you will tell the difference, plus your powder will stay longer on your skin than wearing it alone. 
If you dont like the immediate affect of powder on your skin (which by the way will sink in after a while) you can spray your face with spray water like Evian‘s or you can spray MAC Fix+
Personally i hate spraying my face with anything, it just doesnt feel comfortable to me so my way is to spray MAC Fix+ on MAC 187 brush then dab it gently on my face.
Evian Spray
MAC Fix+
MAC 187 brush

If you are using or ever tried a good foundation please share the product’s name and why you love it.

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