L’Oreal Gentle Makeup Remover for removing make up from eyes and even lips. I had a big wide smile when i used this eye makeup remover..i’m so happy i found a product “still not comparable with Chanel’s” but something that will work perfectly with me..no burning sensation, not oily and not too dry and it superly removed make up in no time..i dont have to rub that much..its very gentle and it does work good.
Compared with NIVEA’s
The only downfall of the product is its packaging, the cap can hardly be opened without a struggle and the product comes out from one side and i dont understand why. When i use CHANEL‘s all i have to do is point the hole to the cotton and the product comes out in straight light directly into the cotton, but this one comes out from one side so i usually lose some product in the process. I even tried placing the cotton above the hole but the product doesnt come out as much as i want it to be.

I dont think it will last long with me, only if i found a way to save the product from coming out this way.

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