UNE natural beauty is a new cosmetic brand developed by Bourjois supposedly mostly made of natural ingredients, some items are made of 100% natural ingredients if not mostly and part of it are organic and Paraben free (chemicals used in make up preservation).

The brand is fairly new and launched last year but i recently saw its advertisements in magazines and thought of trying it since its all natural and stuff. I know that mineral and natural make up is supposed to be good and healthy.

I didnt go wide with my collection, i only got the Skin-Glow Foundation, the Soft Minerals Powder Foundation and Breezy Cheeks Blush.

The Skin-Glow Foundation is described as a “light and moisturizing formula-fresh, luminous and ultra-natural complexion”.
My thoughts of the product: there is barely any coverage, feels like more of a tinted moisturizer. I didnt feel any glow in it, maybe i should take a lighter shade since it doesnt have any noticeable coverage to be able to feel the glow.

The Soft Minerals Powder Foundation is described as “fine and light powder texture. Even, luminous and natural complexion.”
My thoughts of the product: i used this powder foundation with a kabuki brush over the Skin-Glow Foundation, it didnt feel powdery or heavy which is good, and i can sense its a very light powder if its used alone.

The Breezy Cheeks Blush is described as “a cream powdery blush, instant glowing cheeks”.
My thoughts of the product: yes it feels like a cream powder blush, the texture is a bit heavy but not very pigmented, even though the colors look very dark in real which shocked me at first, and i thought to myself how can a fair skined girl use any of the blushes. But they were very fine and i liked it.

But there is one thing that shocked me about the products (not the blush) that never happened to me before with any similar products (liquid and powder foundations).  After using the products and for a couple of hours i went to the toilet to just rinse my mouth after a meal, and i literally saw the product melting around the mouth area, the product was getting washed with the water. This never happened with me before with any foundation i used, ive never seen this and i was quite shocked.
For a sense of humor i thought to myself this is the perfect “Islamic foundation” for who are worried to wear make up and do ablution, this one will get washed away immediately 🙂

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