Hello everyone, Eid Mubarak and Welcome back to Work. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday 🙂
I spent my Eid almost sick but thank God i took care of myself and controlled it, i hate being sick on holidays (being sick is really good during work days so i can have a sick leave lol).
Anyways, i havent been active in my blog lately, and i hope i can make it up this time and in the near future.

The thing i was very excited about is having Dolce & Gabanna and Burberry cosmetics available at Paris Gallery (Marina Mall). I have already tried the D&G cosmetics before and their lipsticks+quality is divine. Very opaque and glide smoothly, kind of like MAC‘s Amplified quality, even better! 

I was even glad that we finally had the Burberry cosmetics, i was so waiting for it, and excited to be able to purchases few pieces.
The big thing about the Burberry make up are the Light Glow blushes, they’re very beautiful, the colors are divine and the quality is stunning. The most popular color is the Low Glow blush in Rose No.03, but my favorite is Russet Blush No.01
Russet Blush No.01
English Rose and Cameo Pink lipsticks
I was a bit dissapointed that the Burberry range is very small, the items were repeated alot on the display just to make it look bigger and i felt kind of stupid going over all the colors until i realized i was actually looking at the same. And i was wondering why do they all look the same on my hands while swatching hehe.
The collection consists of liquid foundation, compact foundation, sheer powder, blushers, bronzers, eye shadows and eye definers, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip definers.
The packaging is very sophisticated, its a dark grey kind-of-steel, and it closes with a magnet, very mysterious looking packaging. The magnet is really strong so if you put two packages beside each other they will stick together, and we have to be careful because when i opened the lipstick it got stuck to the blusher and it nearly hit the lipstick itself, so be careful not to ruin your make up.
Have you noticed the new face of Burberry BODY perfume? Yes, she’s the new star of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and one of Victoria’s SecretAngel” models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
You can check the line and the prices in AED at the official website http://ae.burberry.com

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