Makeup Forever Aqua Liners arewaterproof liquid eyeliners that come in 15 different colors. The wand is very fine but a bit hard. The first time i used the eyeliner it was difficult for me to draw a proper line because i havent used a wand eyeliner for a while, i usually use a fluid liner using an eyeliner brush. I loved the liners, they do stay for a very long time and are not rubbed easily even with an eye make up remover.
These eyeliners are a hit and they’re almost sold out everywhere, if you’re lucky you will find what you want out of the 15 colors. I think the variety of colors is really good but i do see alot of “almost black”, around 3 or 4 colors. The liners are numbered (names and numbers below).
If you cannot find the colors now wait a bit, they will be back in stock.

#1 – Diamond Gold
#3 – Iridescent Emerald Green
#4 – Diamond Lagoon Green
#5 – Diamond Turquoise Blue
#6 – Iridescent Navy Blue
#7 – Diamond Black Purple
#8 – Iridescent Electric Purple
#9 – Iridescent Fuchsia
#10 – Iridescent Red
#11 – Diamond Burgundy
#12 – Mat Mocha
#13 – Mat Black
#14 – Diamond Multicolor Black
#15 – Iridescent Anthracite
#16 – Diamond White

If you checked the latest issue of Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, there are few picture on how to create fun looks using 2 or 3 liners. 
I also loved this tutorial on how to create a look using a colored liner, the one used in the look is a red eyeshadow (not from the Makeup Forever Aqua Liners). 
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Line your eyes with the desired color
Add some shade on your crease
Line in darker shade close to your lashes
White kohl on the waterline
Finally, mascara

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  1. Vintage Lady, i didnt like the dark colors, they look very normal and available in most of the brands. the bright colors are my fav.

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