These are my favorite songs for many years, and no matter how many times i listen to them i can never have enough. They bring joy to my soul. Something “joyful” about these songs that i cannot quite understand, even if the words are not compatible with JOY! 
I just wanted to share these songs with you..
When i was younger i was so obsessed with foreign songs especially french and these were and still my favorite, i have to include them in my iPod songs list every time i update my songs.

Daniel Bedingfield‘s song “If you’re not the one” is a family favorite and we all learned the lyrics by heart and we love to sing it together. We feel so united while singing it. It came in the same time when i watched the movie Maid in Manhattan and i remember that i loved a song when Jlo came into the ball wearing a beautiful dress and i had to look for it, its “Fall Again” (the next song) by Glenn Lewis (previously sang by Michael Jackson in 1999 but was never finished and was released as a demo in 2004). And when i searched for the song i accidentally listened to “If you’re not the one”. I got hooked since.

And of course, my ultimate favorite is Peter Cetera songs (formerly a Chicago band member). Cetera’s voice is so magical, and you cant help but wonder how could someone have such a strong and beautiful voice! His voice is really unique.

Julio Iglesias and Dolly Parton’s “When you tell me that you love me”.

I recently heard a new version of the song “When you tell me that you love me” by Diana Ross and West Life. I still think that the original one is way better.

This song “Do you know where you’re going to” is originally sang by Diana Ross at the movie Mahogany (1975) and i loved it, but afterwards i heard the Jennifer Lopez version and i loved it more, its my favorite. No matter how many times i listen to this song (whether for Ross or Jlo) i can never get bored of it.

My songs are endless, will keep posting My All Time Favorites every now and then 🙂

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  1. Vintage Lady, well you know me i am not into arabic that much, but i do have few favorites and will be posting them soon inshalla.

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