When my sister came back from her summer trip to France, she was wearing the ugliest bag i’ve ever seen on her, she was wearing it every single day and for everywhere, i even thought to myself “doesnt she feel embarrased wearing such an ugly bag?!!”, she even told me that almost everyone in Paris was wearing one (YEAH, RIGHT!!). 
Now i cannot call it the “ugliest” because it really grew on me..the more i saw her wearing it i fell in love with it..Its the new IT BAG..
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage is a shopping tote that comes in different sizes and colors, the fabric is nylon with tanned leather. The bag is simple and plain, there is no complication in the design or the fabric.

I will have to say that this tote doesnt suit parties or special occasion, this bag is designed to make you feel comfortable, think of a full day shopping, at the beach, while traveling or staying the night somewhere.


The smaller size

The cool thing about Le Pliage that it can be folded, so you dont have to worry about how big it is and where to store it. (you can see it folded in the below picture, the small red folded one).

So what is your opinion about this bag? do you like it? and would you buy it? i spotted few people wearing it in Abu Dhabi but i dont think they realize that this bag might be the new “IT” bag 😀

Celebs wearing Le Pliage bag

Whitney Port wearing “Floral Flights”

Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory movie
Pippa Middleton
Katie Holmes

2 Comments on The New IT BAG "LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE"

  1. Do you know that all German Ladies are carrying this bag, am not kidding, & i was planning to buy one but couldn't find my color 😉

    i might buy one soon ^__^

  2. VintageLady, finally the comment worked for you! Yah my sis said the same everyone was wearing it. Yah the good practical colors are all sold out here.

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