The wide leg trousers are so in this season and i think they are a fall trend, very sophisticated and classy, better suits high heels. I can imagine myself wearing one with my Louboutin shoes. 
I’ve spotted so many of these trousers everywhere and they were pretty obvious in the fashion runways and photoshoots. I really loved Top Shop‘s floral ones, they kind of remind me of last year’s floral harem pants that were sold at Zara, i went crazy when i saw them and bought alot. I even remember that i used to wear them every single day because there were very comfortable. But those harems were very casual and more suitable at home unlike the wide leg trousers.
by Marc Jacobs
by Jill Sander
by Milin
by Zara
by Spiegel
Another exaggeration of the wide leg trousers are the Premium Wide Leg Trousers, and i think they look fabulous.  I even remember alot of older ladies who used to look around for such pants, i think now its the perfect time to stock them.

Want more wide leg exaggeration? These pants are also available at Top Shop. Arent they lovely!!

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