Hello and welcome to my new website www.TheJulyBloom.com, I hope you like the design because i worked really hard and squeezed my brain within two days. I’m really excited about my own domain name, it feels more private and homey.

Why did i choose The July Bloom?
I love flowers, i love everything with flower patterns so i thought of including something to do with flower without using the exact work so i thought of “Bloom“. I am a July girl and i thought it would be nice to call my website “July Bloom“, and to be more specific about myself i included the “The“. So “The July Bloom” was born at that moment and i immediately purchased the name.

Why did i choose these colors?
Pink, blue, white and black? i really dont know but i always tend to pick up these colors together, i believe i like the combination altogether, even though my husband was against me using black in the design so i didnt include much (my initial background was black, so i had to change it), and he still thinks there is too much black LOL.

Why did i switch to WordPress?
Yes i was using Blogger before and i know how popular it is among bloggers and some users said its better than others, but the comment thing really annoyed me and alot informed me that they cannot comment. The commenting process was too long where we have to enter a verification code, an email, a password and so on. Comment area is supposed to be a communication link between me and the readers so here is much easier, very immediate and simple. You can try it now 😀 But i have enable the authorization mode, so i will have to approve the comment before it appears in the website.

If you are a first time reader, this is not a new start, i had http://honi2b.blogspot.com before and i’ve migrated all its content to the new one (explains the previous posts).

This is just an introduction post, i will be posting a beauty post later tonight, so stay tuned.

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