Who can deny how beautiful Mila Kunis is, she’s originally Ukrania, Jewish and she’s 28 (born in 1983). I remember i first saw her in Max Payne movie, then in Black Swan and recently in Friend with Benefits (with Justin Timberlake). I actually never noticed how beautiful she is until i watched Friends with Benefits, even though everyone talked about her beauty and won a Golden Globe award for her supporting role in Black Swan but i never liked her at the movie and probably because of her role she was given (she wasnt the good girl).



This is a video tutorial on how to do Mila Kunis make up in Friends with Benefits done by the lovely new mommy Nic from Pixiwoo.

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  1. vintage lady, its the kind of movie where you sit home curled up in your sofa and watch it alone, i liked it. Mila was amazing.

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