Japanese Traditional Beauty Secret ultra violet light treated Nightingale droppings / Uguisu No Fun are completely free of bacteria. They have been used for Kabuki actor & Geisha’s make-up cleansing for centuries in Japan and contain a natural enzyme (guanine, an amino acid w/ anmonic bleaching qualities) which has a natural lightening action.
NATURAL ENZYME POWER of NIGHTINGALE DROPPINGS helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaves skin soft, smooth and brighter.

Due to the bird protection law in Japan after 2001, it is prohibited to breed or raise wild birds (including the Nightingale) in Japan. Also importing the Nightingale bird from Overseas is prohibited due to the Washington Convention. Our manufacturer is now using the droppings from wild birds that are imported legally and are very similar family to the Nightingale bird. They are fed exactly the same seeds and our manufacturer is able to produce the same product as before. Please note that there will be no difference in benefit between the Nightingale and wild bird’s droppings.

DIRECTIONS: Here is a few tips for using our Nightingale droppings. Simply add warm water to a small amount of Nightingale powder (about 1/2 teaspoon) and apply to skin or mix in a lathered soap (mild face cleanser is recommended) and cleanse as usual. (avoid eye area) It can also be used as a great face masque; mix with 1 teaspoon of nightingale powder and a small amount of warm water and apply to skin, leave it on for 5~10 minutes then rinse out with water.

Ok now after reading what a Nightingale’s Droppings mean and how it works, its benefits and all, plus it was talked about at Oprah Winfrey Show, I had to try this magic “dropping” powder to believe it for myself.

I’ve ordered mine from Sophie’s Closet and i couldnt wait to get it, when i got the package, i got a cute little white container with pink floral prints and Japanese writing, even from the back side was all written in Japanese so i had no idea how it works so i had to google it to find out how i can apply it. I first chose the mask method and i prepared myself for my first “dropping” mask.




I read so much how bad it smells but i didnt care, i never cared before about bad smells and i thought i can handle this one, i prepared the mix in my palm and was ready to apply it on my face. Once i got the product closer to my face the “bad” smell hit me. This is the ugliest most awful smell i’ve ever smelled in my life, disgusting!! Then i knew this is a real “dropping” and they werent joking when they said so.

While trying my best to close my nose and breathe through my mouth i applied the mask and the process went on like hell, i was o relieved when i washed it from my face, honestly i couldnt stand the smell, and the reason i couldnt stand it because i knew that its real dropping and this thought kind of disgusted me. In the next couple of days i forced myself to do the facial wash but it became more gross, and i am not sure if this is the reason but i had small pimples on my forehead. From that day until now i have never opened the container again and i dont think i will ever will. This was such a disgusting experience.

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  1. marwa, i didnt think it smells this bad, i was ok with the thought of trying it.

    vintage lady, well it smells like bird’s dropping!! exactly!! the smell isnt even refined, like they took the real thing, dried and ground it! LOL

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