I have a really beautiful and comfortable shirt that i got from H&M a couple of months ago that has two colors, beige and dark orange. The orange shade is really beautiful that i wanted to match my make up with it, i kept digging in my drawers to find a similar lipstick color but i know the colors i have by heart and i know that i dont have a similar color. So i thought of doing my own mix to recreate a new similar color and i did it, i was satisfied with the result. My mix was Tom Ford Warm Sable and Ginger Fawn. The color blend is really beautiful and i matched it with goldish eyeshadow colors.

Tom Ford Warm Sable
Tom Ford Ginger Fawn

When i wore the same shirt again, and it was during the day, i thought that the lipstick blend is too bold during the day, so i thought of doing the same color blend on my eyes and i started digging in my makeup drawers again, this time i didnt have to blend anything to create the same color, i already had a MAC eyeshadow called Saffron and then i realized that the “dark orange” is actually a saffron color!! The eyeshadow is really beautiful and i dont remember that i have used it before except that i have ruined it a bit while depotting, i do the same mistake of ruining some of the eyeshadows and blushers with alcohol while cleaning the pan from glue. The Saffron eyeshadow is a Limited Edition that i got from Surf Baby collection and it was also in the Mickey Contractor collection.

Saffron from Surf Baby
Saffron from Mickey Contractor
Saffron eyeshadow look

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