Dry ‘n Shape from Sigma Beauty is a leather binder that has 12 elastic bands on top and leather bands below to hold the brush to, the bands comes in difference sizes. It claims brushes will dry in no more than 4-6 hours instead of overnight, and will shape most dense brushes. The idea is to place the cleaned brush into the smallest band that it would fit into, the pressure will help the fiber dry more quickly.

Cleaning my brushes with MAC brushes cleanser
Clean the brush by moving the brush back and forth and then a gentle circular motion

Is it a must to have?
I would say no, but i do have very old brushes and i’ve used them alot and the bristles look kind of flarey at the top, so the Dry ‘n Shape kind of gave them their old neat shape. So i always prefer using it more when i clean my very old and abused brushes.

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  1. Nice, but i found it difficult to get all my brushes inside these binders

    I will try to clean my brushes like yours, i think it is safer

  2. vintage lady, yah you know i dont use the bigger size bands alot, i prefer if they added more of the smaller sizes, my blending brushes are mostly used.

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