Be ready girls, “The Very Best of VERSACE” for H&M collection will be hitting store on November 17th!! I’m pretty sure it will be as crazy as last year’s launch of Lanvin Collection. There are some items i havent included here that were not priced on the website and were marked as (In selected H&M Stores). To view to whole collection visit the website.

This time H&M posted online a shopping system for queuing and shopping.

What do you think of the collection? is it something you will queue with 200 other people?!!

3 Comments on The Very Best of VERSACE for H&M

  1. Mmmmm let me think, for me I cabt wear any of them for outings, maybe 1 sleevless top. What about u ?
    But there some bags I remmber any idea ?

  2. marwa, i didnt like most of them maybe a couple only. yes the bags are nice but they werent priced online maybe they wont be available in our stores, not even the home section. i’m not sure about it though, just assuming.

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