I know how obsessed i can be once i watch a Twilight movie, and i always dig for the soundtracks too.

This song “Flightless bird, American mouth” was in Twilight movie, in the last scene where they dance in the prom. The song is brought back as a new version for the wedding scene.

This music is called “Butterfly Waltz” also used during the wedding scene.

“It will Rain”, the official song by Bruno Mars

This song is so beautiful, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. This song was especially written and composed for the movie after she watched the screening.

“Love Death Birth” a masterpiece by Carter Burwell, like i’m watching the whole story right from the beginning to its end. I loved that he inserted Bella’s Lullaby in the score (which he composed too), like its really part of it.

Another song that i loved called “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last. There is a music version too which is my favorite.

I cant help but get really addicted to the Twilight Saga soundtracks and scores. I dont know if the songs and music are really that good to get addicted to or is it just because i love the book and the whole story that makes me see everything beautiful about it. I guess i will never know 🙂

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