It seems a new bride has beaten the new princess Kate Middleton and the reality TV Show Kim Kardashian recently, it is Bella Swan from Breaking Dawn movie. Kristen Stewart is a natural beauty, i love her look even though she comes into a boyish look most of the time, but when she dresses up and glams she’s a real swan.

This is the long awaited wedding, I was waiting for this wedding moment as soon as i started reading Twilight Saga and the day has finally come. The wedding, the makeup, the dress is more than i have expected, and Bella was so beautiful that i started to wonder who did her hair and make up (the real artists and not her sisters in laws Alice and Rosalie LOL).

First of all, we got to see the wedding shoes before everything else, i opened my mouth wide becuase i never expected its gonna be this beautiful, the shoes are designed by Carolina Herrera who collaborated with Manolo Blahnik.


Then comes the hair and makeup. The makeup is really natural comparing to what we think of a wedding makeup but its a full makeup for Bella Swan, the girl who doesnt know how to wear dresses, heels and wear makeup. She looked absolutely stunning, even though she looks like she has serious dark circles. She looks really tired and i know this is not part of the look :-s

I tried searching for an inspired Bella Swan wedding makeup tutorial but didnt find anything that’s worth posting.


Finally the wedding gown, which was also designed by Carolina Herrera! I certainly didnt expect this at all. Problem is, i cannot find a picture and seems it hasnt been revealed it, the movie is only 2 days old and i believe the picture is going to be out pretty soon. I will post a photo as soon as its published online.

This is a funny comment about Bella’s wedding dress which is kind of my opinion when i first knew that the designer is Carolina Herrera. We all knew that Bella’s going to wear a sort of vintage style dress as described in the book, but i didnt think its gonna be this one.

Bella will be wearing Carolina Herrera on the big day. Wait, did I miss something? Did Bella turn 35 in those few pages of Breaking Dawn that I skimmed between the really juicy parts? When did she become a fancy fashionista? Last time I checked, she was wearing flannels and jeans, not hitting up Seattleā€™s fanciest boutiques.

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