Kryolan Concealer Wheel is a creamy concealer that has 6 shades from light to dark. This concealer wheel is a long lasting professional makeup and is heavy enough to conceal scars, tattoos and skin discoloration.

What i love about this concealer wheel that i can mix two or three colors to create the shade i want, this wheel is really helpful to get the right and proper color we’re looking for instead of getting one of two concealers from a specific brand because we cannot find the right shade. Plus we dont have to worry when we take a tan or we wake up one day having a much darker under eye circles than the usual, mixing colors and creating the right shade is really great with this wheel.
One thing i don’t like about this wheel is that the product is too heavy and creamy, sometimes it tend to crease if its not blended well, so i always make sure to powder the area after applying the concealer and check the area a couple of times after few minutes to make sure to wipe any extra product that would crease, that if it happened just in case i used alot of product.

I’ve tried searching Kryolan in the UAE and i found one listed in their website that is close the Mall of the Emirates, you may find their contact here.

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