I wanted to talk about this cosmetics line long time ago but never had a chance, mainly because i forget about it when i start preparing my post. Anyways its a Russian cosmetics brand called Rouge Bunny Rouge, the makeup is very classy and in high quality and the packaging is really nice and kind of fairy tale like, most of the colors are highly pigmented such as blushers, the lipsticks are creamy and i love it. The eyeshadows also are with a velvet texture and their bronzers are divine.

Rouge Bunny Rouge counter can be found at Beauty Bay but whenever i check the counter everything i want is always out of stock, i love Beauty Bay that they have brands that are not available in others stores but i hate it at the same time because they dont update their stock that often, they could say to you that such specific item is out of stock..and for months!!

But the good thing that you can purchase the line online at Zuneta.

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