My mom introduced me to Barry M brand when i was a little girl and got hooked and addicted to its nailpolishes in my adolescence, after taking away the brand from the store i used to buy from and i believe from the whole UAE i forgot about it, until i came across to its website and was thrilled to see that they ship internationally.

When i got the package and tried the nailpolishes i remembered how horrible they are when it comes to drying out, they take like ages!! such nailpolish no longer exist in the market, all the brands i use are fast drying like Chanel, MAC, Estee Lauder, Essie, OPI and you name it. Every brand are trying to compete with each other to create the fastest drying formula but not the case with Barry M.
At that time i had all the time in the world to wait for my nails but not anymore, having a kid at home is my priority and  want a fast drying one, like real fast!!

If you are in no rush or got a super top drying coat or oil you might use it, otherwise never apply Barry M while you’re in a rush, you will just end up ruining your nails.

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