Eyes to Kill mascara by Giorgio Armani claims to give an ‘exceptional volume with single strokes by its big brush, the formula is wet and very soft, i found it a bit annoying at first until i got used to it, personally i like for the brush to dry a bit until i like it more, this one is very creamy. It says that it has a Wax Complex to create this smooth texture.

Lately i’ve been using the patent-pending mascara alot, so when i went back to the regular thick brush it felt a bit weird, like i’ve never used it before. At first i hated this mascara and thought that it made my lashes look to spiky but after several uses i noticed that it works better on me when i wiggle the brush while applying. The color is very dark black which i absolutely love and no i just got used to it when the formula gets a bit dryer.

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  1. This mascara annoys me most of the time, sometimes i really hate it. i wouldnt recommend it that much. Try the Loreal Lash Architect 4D, its really good.

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