Urban Decay decided to launch a second Naked palette called NAKED2 after the unbelievable success of the fist one, its even still a top seller until this moment. I wasnt thrilled when i heard there will be another one and when i saw it i thought “what’s the difference?”, even after watching all these reviews, swatches and videos i still cannot see an obvious difference. The NAKED2 palette is still within the ‘naked’ theme, i can obviously tell that the colors are gorgeous, i am a brown makeup girl, i love all shades of browns, beige and golds.
There is only one repeated color which is Half Baked, and its a really gorgeous color so i didnt mind having it again.

The palette is currently out of stock but it will be back soon, just be sure to follow up to know when exactly or you can register at the website to send you an email once its back in stock. I am not sure if its available yet in our Sephora stores!!

This palette wont be having a primer potion like the original one, but it will have lipgloss and a double sided brush, so there will be a slight increase in the price, instead of $48 (the price of the original) its going to be $50.

Above is the original NAKED palette, bellow is NAKED2

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  1. Yes it seems this palettes has more light colors, it will work with me anyways, i use such colors very often on a daily basis. a second NAKED wouldnt harm 😀

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