Sephora Oh My Cherie Winter collection includes a Makeup Studio Blockbuster that has 197 products including:

– 96 eyeshadow shades.
– 84 lipglosses.
– 6 Cream eyeliners.
– 2 eyeliner pencils.
– 3 blushers.
– 1 bronzer.
– 1 mascara.
– 4 applicators.

I am not a big fan of Sephora makeup, i find it of lower quality than the rest. So i wasnt excited when the sales lady tried to sell it to me, and i perfectly showed her that i am looking for a high quality makeup and not just a junk of 197 products in one box. I have nothing against Sephora but i dont like such big palettes, not my thing at all, but i guess its a good product for people who dont wear makeup that often and wont like to spend much on something they wont use alot, this will be the perfect product to have as many colors as they want. I just wished this palette would have 84 lipsticks instead of glosses, then i will rank it higher. This would be a perfect holiday gift too.

Priced AED 300 at Sephora stores.

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