Do you know what is the best hair conditioner? You have to read my story first 🙂

Since i am a person who continuously colors her hair, and i know how awfully dry it can be and it takes tones of products to make it feel and look soft, i used to use hair masks on a daily basis as a conditioner just to get the natural soft look for my hair. Hair mask is supposed to be used once or twice a week but this was my case, and i really needed it. But since i was introduced to Sunslik shampoo and conditioner i ditched the hair mask and i am in love with it.

My story is a bit difficult with the Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner, i first used it when i was pregnant, exactly in my first trimester where i was really sensitive to any smell and cause me being sick 24/7. I was at my parent’s house and i stayed 4 or 5 days without taking a shower (yes i couldnt move of tiredness and sickness at that time), i dragged myself to my sister’s shower and the only thing i saw was a Sunsilk shampoo so i used it, i hated my life at that time for taking the shower, i wished i stayed for one more week without taking one (gross i know!!)

After i passed my awful first trimester i hated Sunsilk and everything that smells the same, but i remember my sister keeps telling me that the conditioner is the best on earth, i didnt care much at that time until i went back to coloring my hair after giving birth to my son. My hair went back to its need of constant hair care and daily hair mask but i thought why not try it again, i might feel a little better this time about its smell, and it did!

And OH MY GOD!! The conditioner was a real heaven on earth!! I couldnt believe how soft my hair was afterwards, i really loved it and kept using it since then. Now all i can say that its the best hair conditioner. And i believe it will work best for those who have colored or damaged hair.

The whole range is amazing, just choose the shampoo and conditioner for your hair condition.

The packaging of the conditioner looks different in the photos than the one i have (just like the 2nd photo).

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