If you are a glitter lover you will like my post 🙂

This product is new to me, i have never knew such brush excited until i saw one at the Sephora store, this brush is more of an aplicator especially made for glitters, it feels rubbery “or is it made of rubber?” and it feels kind of rubbery sticky, and i think to make it easier to catch the glitters, which are very hard to catch. I hate glitters because they “fly” like everywhere!! i can make a whole mess while trying to apply it. So this brush helps in catching them in place.

The second product is a special eye primer for glitters, as i mentioned before they are hard to deal with, they can make a real mess while applying, so this Glitter Glue by Too Faced is especially made to catch them in place, it somehow work as the usual eyeshadow primer but you can use this while after applying your eyeshadow. So when you think you finished your eye look and need an extra glitter to make it festive just add the Glitter Glue in the area you want and then add the glitter on top of it. Make sure to dab the glitter and not swipe or blend.

Now the third product is by Urban Decay and it is called Starlight Glitter Body Art, it contains 5 glitters colors, a glue, a fan brush and 5 stickers of different shapes. By this you can create body art “tattoo” with the glitters, its pretty cool for parties and special occasions.

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  1. Neens, i wont recommend using its glue anywhere around your eyes, some people would be fine about it but some will react to it. If you would like to draw in glitter around the eyes area its better to use a glitter eyeliner, UD has a good color collection of glitter liners.

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