I am not the person who likes using face primers, it actually annoys me and i havent felt any difference while using one, my skin is very oily so with or without it its pretty much the same. A face primer works almost the same as the eye primer, it will hold the makeup for longer hours and it will still look good, the idea of wearing a face primer is that it “should” smooth out the skin and prepare it for the actual makeup. This never worked on me until i used the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin-Smoothing Face Primer.

First of all this primer feels velvety on the skin, i love such products, and i am not sure if this made for oily skin but it did made a difference with the oil excess and pores, i dont have a big pores problem but its common that oily skin tend to have open pores. I noticed a big difference while wearing this primer under foundation, it made it last longer and looked better.

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