If you dont know who is Bassam Fattouh he’s a Lebanese makeup artist mostly known of his makeup worn by the Lebanese model turned actress/singer Haifa Wehbe.
He made a deal with Clarins to launched a cosmetics line called Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics, i noticed he took the color beigy pink and goldish pink as his packaging theme, with illustration on the boxes, it is very feminine and cute.

I was a bit curious to try the Backlightening, i read about it in a magazine and as Bassam Fattouh claims its an essential for a glowing look, i got the one in Legally Bronze, i think the one i got is a bit dark on me. How it works? You can either use it as a regular higlighter on the browbone, nose, and jawline after you apply your makeup, or you can use it  before applying your foundation to create a luminous effect.

As for the eyeshadows, i got the colors in Dehab and Basic Brown, i have a weakness for velvety eyeshadows and these two colors are super gorgeous. I like the texture and rich color of these two eyeshadows and the reason i chose gold and dark brown is that i can wear it anytime, anywhere with almost any outfit, these are my two basic colors.

And as i said Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics only has one mascara, there is nothing special about it and i dont know why i wasted my money buying one, you can skip this product because it has nothing special. I felt the product very dry at first, i even suspected that it was opened and used before, but the packaging and tubes looks very clean, i know how a new mascara will look like. This is not the best mascara but i use it for the sake of not wasting my money.

I also got a kind of disgusting product called Lip Mousse in Luscious Lips (the only color), i think the saleslady fooled me to buy this product, i thought it will better than this but it didnt. It is basically wax mixed with oil, the product looks pretty gross in its little jar because wax doesnt really get mixed with oil so you can see them both separated, its not spoiled or anything, this is just the way the product looks. The lip mousse is supposed to act like a very pigmented lipstick, supposedly works on lips with pigments, but its pretty gross when i applied it, it dries out like hell and it looks awful even with a moisturizer or gloss. Then i read that this product is supposed to be worn lightly, just a small amount of product is enough, to have the look of wearing makeup but barely visible.

I also got one lipliner in Wardeh, its a dusty rose creamy lipliner, very gorgeous. The type of pink color that you can wear with a wide range of lipsticks.

I havent got any of the lipsticks because the ones i wanted were out of stock but my sister got them yesterday from the store, so i will review them ones she gives them to me.

Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics available at DebenhamsMall of the Emirates.

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  1. Plz I live in USA how can I get bassan fattouh cosmetic .. And can you email me with a link or video shows how to put makeup ..thanks

    • Hello Angie, i dont think bassam fattouh’s makeup is sold online, but i know that the brand is launched in the middle east, if you have someone or a relative that is living or visiting the middle east let them get you from the brand. as for makeup lessons, youtube is full of makeup tutorials, you can check out TiffanyD, Pixiwoo, makeupbycamila channels.

  2. Hi,please can you tell me how much you bought the lipliner and the backlightening, and how much does hifa’s lips and blossom cost? Because we don’t have bassam fattouh cosmetics in my country, and my sister will buy them for me from dubai. Thank you.

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