Coastal Scents is an American based makeup brand that started in 2005 that sell ready makeup and makeup ingredients if requested. The brand is very affordable and got variety of colors especially in the eyeshadow palettes. What first caught my eyes about CS are the eyeshadow palettes that have 88 colors.

Regarding the quality, you will definitely get what you paid for, the colors are not as pigmented as MAC, and there will be alot of fallouts, kind of reminds me of Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, the palette can look a real mess after using it. Such palettes are very good when someone is looking for lots of colors without paying much, especially the palettes that are specialized in one theme like all browns and neutrals (88 Warm Palette), you will have every single shade in the world LOL.

You can get Coastal Scents products from their official website, or if you are willing to pay more you can get them from (cash on delivery for UAE).

I will show you my products from CS, i only got the eyeshadow palettes and the blusher palette.

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