Have you ever hated something but you know you cannot live without it!! Sounds odd but this is my case with Aramex. As much as i hate their delays and lame excuses i love their Shop and Ship Services by having a mailbox in the US, UK and China. If i am not wrong Aramex is the only company that offers such service in the UAE, correct me if i am wrong. I have heard and read about a couple more but i havent seen anyone dealing with them, they might not be based in the UAE or they’re not as safe as Aramex.

My history with Shop and Ship service goes a long way, probably 7 years now, i am not sure how long but all i can remember that i was one of the very few people who dealt with it by that time, they even offered a prepaid MasterCard from their side, plus they used to ship literally EVERYTHING!! They didnt have a prohibited list, i was happy and content, i used to order so many things back then, i dont remember me going shopping in our malls that often!! Which was cool 😀

Now the Shop and Ship service became really wide and famous, almost everyone signed up for it. They cancelled the prepaid MasteCard, they have a long prohibited list and their services went down a bit, i lost track of how many times i called for a complain, they just listen to me and try to calm me down without doing any immediate action.

What rises my anger now is that i have been tracking one of my orders and it is kept hold in the US mailbox for 3 days!! I hope i am wrong, and the system is just down and couldnt update it online and it has probably arrived the UAE And will be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow morning!! But i know i am just hoping for the better.

My fights with Aramex will never end because i know that i love their Shop and Ship service, i enjoy it so much, i order so many stuff online that cannot be shipped to the UAE, or i can save alot of money if the international shipping fees are very high.

If you want to know more about the Shop and Ship service you can visit their website and read more about it.

(as i am typing this post Aramex just called me about my latest complain of delaying one of my shipment, their excuse that the US was on holiday and they have a maximum duration for keeping the packages in the mailbox for 4-7 days which i am hearing now for the first time, and i know this is not true!!, but i will keep my cool and will wait for 2 more days like they said. The shipment should arrive by then.)

2 Comments on Hate it, But Cant Live Without It

  1. Hello, how are you? thank you for such a nice blog. It was so refreshin reading it.. I work for Aramex Shop and Ship and your blog literally made me smile 🙂 . We love our customers as well, we highly appreciate all your love and support through out these years and wish to serve you for many more years to come. If you need help with anything please feel free to email me at Mehreen.feroz@shopandship.com

    Thank you!

    Shop and Ship Team!

  2. Mehreen Feroz, thnx alot for your comment, i didnt expect anyone from the S&S team to read my blog, yet comment!!

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