We take good care of our hair and buy alot of products to keep it soft, cure the damaged and split roots, use weekly hair masks and do treatments and oils every now and then, but we tend to neglect one important step which is protecting our hair from the heat that comes out of the blow drier, flat irons and curlers.

There are alot of Heat Protection hair sprays out in the market, choose the one you feel comfortable with, just dont neglect your hair and expose it to heat all the time without having a protection shield. The hair will get damaged in time. If we want to look beautiful and hair stays healthy then we just need to add an extra step to our beauty routine.

I am currently using Lee Stafford Heat Protection- Professional Straightening Iron Protection Mist, the product is good, it gives a glow and kind of put the hair in place just like a hair spray but without looking stiff and greasy. The only thing i dont like about this product is its smell, it is supposed to smell good but it reminds me of Alien perfume which i dont like :-s

Available at Boots.

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