I have no idea why i havent spoken of these two products before, i have been using them for almost 10 years and i really love them. Its the lipliner HR 09 Natural, and Wanted Lipstick in 160 Sheer Chiffon by Helena Rubinstein.
Though i have to mention that i feel suspicious a little bit about the lipstick because few years ago they have changed their packaging and names, i showed a couple of salesladies the old packaging that i cannot find anymore and they insisted that this new one is the same but they changed its name, they seemed so be sure about it. The formula looked pretty the same to me but it was a bit hard for me to tell because mine was almost finished and like 4-5 years old!!

Anyways, whether it is the same old one or not this product is the perfect nude lipstick, matched with the creamy lipliner. These are on my top favorite products that i keep on purchasing, honestly i dont know how i missed talking about it before.

I couldnt find any clear photos of the lipstick so i thought of posting my photos instead, please mind the damaged lipliner, i have tweeted about it before, i have dropped it by accident at Mall of the Emirates parking area and a car ran over it!! The lipliner is still in a good shape though LOL.

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