This video really saved my life! This shows how to remove glitter nailpolish without the long hard rubbing process. Glitter nailpolish are way harder to remove than the normal nailpolish, they tend to stick hard on the nail, you will notice that the color has gone after trying to remove it with nail polish remover and the glittery stuff are stuck on the nail. My one option is that i keep on rubbing hard using a round cotton, this is time consuming, and i have to use alot of cotton pads. Another option is using the square gauze that is used to cover wounds, and can be found at all pharmacies, this was my best way to remove glitter nail polish because the gauze is rough and it rubs hard on the glitter so it will remove it quickly. Again this process needs rubbing, this hard rubbing process tend to scare me alot of damaging my nails.

This video shows a 5 minute process to remove glitter nailpolish, i think 5 minutes is a long time but when i think about it, there is no rubbing at all so it might be safer on my nails.

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