I only thought about writing this post when i finished my business!! I wished i thought about it before and took clear photos of what i am about to talk about.

If you are not familiar with MAC Pro Palettes they comes in either 4 or 15 inserts in round shapes, there is a metal piece below the inserts so the magnet will stick properly inside. MAC sell their eyeshadows in their original package or without, they are called refill pans especially for the Pro palettes, or just remove the eyeshadow from its original packaging (called depotting) and stick a special magnetic below.
Anyways, i heard alot about some people removing this insert that only fits for 15 eyeshadows so they can have more space to fit, that’s 21 eyeshadows. It looked the perfect idea at that time since i didnt have space for my eyeshadows and removed all the inserts of my Pro Palettes.

I was very happy at first to fit all my eyshadows and still have space for more, but in time i realized it was a very bad idea and a big mistake. Under every eyeshadow pot comes a small magnet piece glued to it and the label (name and specification of the product), in time, and since nothing is holding the eyeshadow pot properly in place and it does sometimes move by itself when i carry the palette or being dragged by me of course to fit another eyeshadow or rearrage its place, the pot get ditached from the magnet piece, i dont know how this happens, its supposed to be glued properly but yah, this thing happened to alot of my eyeshadows and i scared that i will do some more damage to them. Not only this but after removing the inserts i knew that nothing is holding the metallic piece in its place, it means i can remove it out easily. So imagine 21 eyeshadows magneted to this metallic piece, and just imagine that i flipped the palette by mistake while its open, what would happen? Exactly! the whole metallic piece will fall down with the eyeshadows attached!! Scary huh!!

Thank God i didnt throw away the inserts so i put them back in place, now my palettes look nice and neat with only 15 eyeshadows inside. I am happy 🙂 No complains 🙂

(Excuse the damaged eyeshadows, i damaged them while depotting!! I made a real mess)

With inserts, look how steady and neat each show looks in its right place, the inserts is holding each eyeshadow properly.

Without inserts, see the gap below the bottom eyeshadow line, each pan can slightly move downwards and nothing will be in its right place.

If you are interested in these palettes you can buy them from MAC store along with the eyeshadow pans (only permanent colors). And since i am speaking of palettes i also have the Z palettes that you can order online , these are also got for depotted pans like eyeshadows and blushes, what’s good about the Z palette that they can fit any shape of pan, not necessarily round like MAC. NYX square eyeshadows can also be depotted the same way as MAC’s, and the only palette to hold all shapes and sizes is the Z palette. You can order online from www.zpalette.com or www.amazon.com

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