MUG stands for Makeup Geek, i guess everyone knows her, she is Marlena, a makeup guru who has a famous website under the same name. She recently launched her own makeup line which started with eyeshadows and makeup brushes, i guess there is a lipstick line too but isnt out yet.

The eyeshadow collection consist of 50 colors and i got 25 of them. The eyeshadow pans are very similar to MAC ones but the good thing about them that there is no visible magnet, i guess it is hidden inside the pan. The quality of the makeup isnt as good as MAC‘s, they are very pigmented but with lots of fallouts!!The prices are way cheaper, each eyeshadow cost $5.99 only which is a really good price, that’s less than half of MAC‘s price in the UAE (US prices are cheaper).

You do have to get a separate palette to hold the eyeshadows, so you either use MAC pro palette or Z palette which i highly recommend for them.

I was really excited when i received my order and i’ve been using them every day since then.

You can order MUG makeup and Z Palettes from

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