After trying the Urban Decay NAKED2 eyeshadow palette now i can tell you what i think about it. First of all the NAKED2 isnt that much different than the first NAKED palette. They might both look alike in the pictures but the colors are not the same except for one repeated color. The quality as of all Urban Decay eyeshadows is different depends if the eyeshadow is matte or shimmery. UD palettes mostly come in shimmery velvety colors and those are my favorites, they are highly pigmented, the payoff is really good and it feels smooth on the skin.And of course i cannot help the excessive fall outs from the eyeshadows, this is just the quality of the makeup itself, and i have to blow on the them whenever i am done.

The NAKED2 have more ashy colors comparing to the original NAKED, there isnt alot of bright goldish colors or golden based browns, it is more of the greyish, silverish side. I dont know if what i say makes any sense but once you try the colors you will know what i mean, the NAKED2 is more of a silver brown than a goldish brown, which makes me like the original NAKED more, because i am more into the goldish brown.

The original NAKED palette can be found at Sephora, only at Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall store. NAKED2 isnt available here yet but you can order it online from Amazon through the Shop and Ship service. Make sure to buy it in its original price which is $50 not more!!

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