NAKED2 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay arrived today and i was excited to try it, as i expected the quality is as good as the first one, the colors are a bit cooler but pretty similar to the first one. The only thing i dont like about Urban Decay eyeshadows that they have alot of fallouts, the palette can look in a real mess after using it. I always have to make sure to blow on time to clean this “powdery” mess.The NAKED2 includes a double sided synthetic brush and a tiny plumping lip gloss.
In my opinion, i liked the new steel packaging, it looks more steady and classier, the previous one was covered in chamois fabric, imagine how it looks it with eyeshadow all over it, a real mess.

Here is a comparison photo with the previous palette. The one on top is NAKED2 and the one in bottom is the original NAKED. You can tell there are alot of similarities in colors but they are not exactly the same except for one color which is Half Baked.

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  1. i got mine BTW and I forgot to tell u, but it is a bit different.

    the packing is velvet and i love it and it comes with the UD primer portion and my brush is different.

    But I am in love with the colors, they r just amazing, I even used it in the family dinner i had in Egypt.

    Thanks Hun for your advices,

  2. Marwa dear, are you sure you got NAKED2? from your description this looks like the original Naked, because it came with dark purple velvet packaging and a small primer.

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