I am not one of those people who purchase one perfume and keep using it until it finishes then buy a new one, i like to keep a bunch on the table and in my drawers and use them whenever i feel like them, probably this is not the best idea because some of them tend to last for years! Perfumes do rot you know!!

Anyways, i have a demanding taste in perfumes, i dont like anything, and especially not for anytime, i have maybe like 3 perfumes that i can accept using them all day long because they are lightly scented, i tend to have headache if i used strong perfumes (men’s perfumes included). But when the winter comes i get allergic and my nose closes, i find it hard to smell light scents so i always go for the strong perfumes. I dont know if it is only me but they do keep me warm, something in their smell (i think its the spices used) that keep me warm.

Here are what i am using for out winter season (that will probably only last for a week!!)

I think Tom Ford makes the best winter perfumes, the perfumes collection is divine, very classy and sophisticated. My top favorite right now are Champaca Absolute, Noir de Noir and Arabian Wood.

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